Goodbye, @evleaks

Evan Blass, aka evleaks, yesterday surprised us a bit with the news that he will stop as "leaker" in the future.
Evan Blass announced yesterday on Twitter that he will cease his activities as "pro-leaker". PR firms are likely to open a bottle of champagne early today after this message for now.

He talked to The Next Web and when they asked why he chosen to take this step, Evan Blass said the main reason is money. It's just hard to earn from what he does. He has tried a few methods, but none gave him satisfaction. Also he opened a website for him to earn some money but it did not helped. Why he wants to earn money? Because he has multiple sclerosis and wants to protect themselves for the future, now he is now looking for a new job.
The Next Web asked him about the future "Will you continue in the future?" Evan Blass said that he do not know yet exactly, it sounds a bit as if it was a spontaneous decision. He will still use his Twitter account for his personal use. He also plans his passion for smartphones, because it was probably lost over time. 
So that's it for now. Now the most famous smartphone leaker will remain quiet for some long time or maybe he will be back with more secrets and announcements. 
I will miss the watermark with the @evleaks logo on the unannounced images of new products in any case a little bit. What do you think guys?

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