Nexus Tablet HTC ‘Flounder’ Spotted in Wi-Fi Certification Document

A Nexus tablet by HTC, which cropped up a couple of times at the beginning of July this year, has all but disappeared since then. A new Wi-Fi certification document is turning that around, though.
The document was surfaced by Droid-Life, and it was located within the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification listing. The document itself indicates that the device in question, which is oft-rumored to be HTC’s effort in the Nexus tablet lineup, will run Android L right out of the box, and AOSP to boot. You can see in the image itself that within the firmware version, “flounder” is pretty clear, which lends credence to the Nexus belief.
The model number is OP8210000. There are two SKUs: 0P8220000 and 0P8230000.
There’s no word on a release date or any other details to go on here, but the Wi-Fi certification is a good indication that the device is, at least, coming. When is still the big question.

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