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[Photos & Video] Official MIUI v6

As we already knew for some time, today August 16th is the day of MIUI V6 , which is the sixth incarnation of the owner of Xiaomi firmware for its smartphone (and not only). The launch follows a few weeks to Xiaomi E4 (top of the line company) that we have already reviewed.

The new interface, as anticipated by some leaked images, it is totally renewed graphically, bringing a strong cleaning all screens and applications, more flat and, perhaps, more similar to the latest incarnation of Apple's iOS. As for the functionality we did not really huge news, if you do not show notifications on the lock screen from the bottom, or a message that will cover a portion of the screen at the top (highest classical notification bar), but that does not interfere with what you are doing. 

Then we have a new MIUI Life app useful for finding restaurants or points of interest near us, but it seems that will be paid only to the Chinese public. Introduced then, still only for Chinese users, a service that verifies the Cloud Xiaomi if a number not in your address book is already known and we will associate a name.

In the following video you will find much of the news, but unfortunately you will still be able to try it, given that only 100 lucky winners of a competition will have the opportunity to test it in preview. We hope to update soon with dates and availability of the new MIUI V6 for all devices. The huge gallery to follow but in the meantime it should answer some of the questions that you will surely now.