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[RUMOR] New Nexus Tablet will be available before October 9

September is a busy month and the nexus warriors aka Nexus device fans should be more excited than anyone.
If you believe the Twitter account upleaks, which has become something like the successor of evleaks, so the HTC T1 will land before October 9 at retail. T1 is a device which can be Volantis and probably 9 should be marketed at the end as Nexus or Nexus 8. It should here be an Android tablet from HTC, which we have heard about it in the past

This message fits perfectly with the way the other message from this week .The rumor mill, the stocks are increasingly empty, September is upon us, I would say: We can look forward to October for a new Nexus Tablet. I continue to believe that the IFA Google and Apple Keynote'd want to wait before then devotes rest of the new Nexus-generation. HTC should be the manufacturer, I for one am very curious to see what is there waiting for us in the fall of 2014.