Talon For Twitter App Gets Major Update

Talon is a Twitter application for Android that has gotten a major update with many new features this week.

Luke clinker is one of the developers of Talon, a Twitter application for Android, which only last month a major update scored with adjustments to the material design. But that was not all, since it was busy and has continued tinkering with the application. To celebrate, there are times however, only a whole new Icons, which has become more modern.
What else is there? You can now tweet GIFs, there are new themes and much more. The application should also be also become much faster and smoother. 
Here is the full changelog : 

Changelog for 2.6.x

  • - New compose window
  • - New icon and imagery
  • - New Talon-L version themes
  • - View the tweet you are replying to in the compose window
  • - Post tweets with animated GIFs (Twitter doesn't support viewing yet
  • - Upload multiple images to twitters native hosting
  • - Better notifications for mentions, direct messages, and favorite users
  • - Updated fonts and added an Android "L" Roboto font option
  • - Smoooother
  • - Some timeline jumping fixes
  • - Auto-complete now works in the middle of the tweet
  • - Avatar mixups fixed
  • - Some login errors fixed
  • - Translation updates
  • - Image viewer fixes
  • - Better clearing of notification data
  • - Support for Klinker Apps Theme Spotlight
  • - Small changes for sending normal pictures
  • - Random fixes and requests

Do you use Talon, or do you have another app for Twitter?

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