TapPath : Customize links behaviour for Browsers

What happens after pressing a link? If you are using an Android device then the answer is quite simple: the address will open your default browser, or in case you do not have one, you will see a list of apps that are able to handle it.
This behavior albeit functional can often be uncomfortable because in some cases we would like to make a workaround but we will still be obliged to perform the intermediate step.

To solve this problem we want to test Chris Lacy , famous for Action Launcher and Bubble Link with TapPath , the new app that allows you to configure up to three app with which to open the link, depending on the number of taps made.

In this way, we can decide to open the address in Chrome with a tap, save it with Pocket with two and open the menu with three sharing. This is just an example and the behavior is obviously configurable by the user in a manner which he considers most appropriate.

The idea is very good and its usefulness is rather obvious, but if we have to be honest after trying it for a few minutes it seems to fail to recognize a few times the number of taps made; hope, however, is only a problem of youth that will be fixed with an update soon.

TapPath is available on Google Play at a price of 69 cents and you can download it via the badge to follow, and then you will find a video presentation.

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