Google Play Store 5.0 Update Gets Teased with more Material Design Elements

Material Design is the coming thing, with the release of Android L later this year, Material Design will be across most of Android, including Google Play. We’ve seen moves in this direction already, but a new version is on the way and it’s about to get flatter.
Android Police has managed to get a hold of a version of the Google Play store and have given it the once-over. 

 Left: Old Right: New

As you can see, it’s a new look as you can see, with flatter and a refined colour palette for each of the categories. The design has also extended into the individual listings, under each category, with the coloured top bar now descending further into the listing.

There’s other tidbits in the new design, such as a new featured format for each Google Play category. There’s a new animation on the hamburger menu button, which transitions to a Back arrow and back. And new icons for each of the Google Play categories.

Lastly, there’s apparently more indications of more robust per-device app restoration which could come to the fore, to allow you to setup a tablet or phone app profile (Finally!).
There’s a deeper dive into the new Google Play over at Android Police, with more screenshots and we recommend you take a look. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to get Android L and all the great design refreshes it’s going to bring.

Source: Android Police

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