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Paranoid Android Releases Beta 4.6, Brings Dynamic System Bars

The Paranoid Android team is pretty popular for their ROM in which they are in the wind because of their unique features to their ROM, and with today’s beta release they have managed to do just that once again by introducing a new feature dubbed Dynamic System Bars.
As the name suggests, DSB makes use of the new APIs introduced by Google in Android 4.4 KitKat to automatically change the colors of the status and the navigation bars to match the color scheme of the application currently being used, which provides a more immersive experience.
DSB is still currently in beta and the Paranoid Android team warns that users might face poor performance and battery life issues.
The first beta of v4.6 also includes a swipe-up gesture to temporarily dismiss Hover and a fix for the slow I/O performance under certain situations on the Nexus 5.
The beta build is already up for download on PA’s official download center for the Nexus, OnePlus One and Oppo devices.
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