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[RUMOR] Google Maybe Working on Android M Already

While we android nerds and normal people are waiting for the release of Android L, but in the headquarters of Google, they are already working on the future release after L which is quite obvious they will name is M, Android M.

The developers at Mountain View are in fact already discussing the possible news to be included in M ​​release, but do not get excited, because we are talking about only a couple of very trivial things. We are not sure about this due to not having proper evidence so please bear with us!

On the one hand we talk about color output Logcat (especially popular during debugging), the other speaks of a data exchange format internal to Google , which developers can use to make their app with the server company.

This can the the first appearance of Android M on the web "officially". We are still waiting for the current big release Android Land will be release at the end of September / early October, as we are repeating for a while now.
Our minds are still confused so suit yourself :

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