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[APK] Google Play Books Updated with Improvements,Material Design and Skim Mode

As expected, Google is updating their all the apps for the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop, and after the many updates that we reported this morning, it is now the turn of Google Play Books, which in addition to the new design, it also has more features.

The new version of the app, both for smartphone tablet, it is optimized for all the topics that are not novels. Cookbooks, manuals, guides, books  and the like, can be easily navigated with the new index, allowing you to switch easily from one section to another.

Thanks to Skim Mode you can also get an overview of the entire book, and we can also highlight text and make notes, then easily return there on it with the Skim Mode, as if they were post-it notes / bookmarks. In addition to this, Google also reminds us of other aspects of his app
  • Plugging the name of a place will open the Geo card with links to Google Maps, Wikipedia, or to search
  • A tap prolonged search a word in the dictionary
  • Text detectable in 4 colors, and ability to take notes and translated into any language
  • Reading position synced across all devices: phones, tablets and the web
For those who want to Update from Play Store there is a badge below and those who want to sideload it has a direct link to the APK below the badge.