[APK] Google Search and Now Launcher got Material Design Update

Google has updated some apps including Google Search, now known simply as Google Launcher Now with whole new UI change.

If you want to try them on Jelly Bean or KitKat, however, you'll need root permissions, since the process takes a little 'more extra work than usual, you will need to install both apk that you find at the bottom of the article, and then replace libgoogle_hotword_jni .so the folder / system / lib directory with the files you find in the last link. 

A procedure that is more risky than usual, so we also recommend you make a backup of the file before replacing it, so you can restore it where it was in case something goes wrong; to follow the link for the download .
You'll need to download and replace the same folder as these two other files:
Source : AndroidPolice

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