Motorola Nexus 6 Leaked Render, Android 5.0 Confirmed

After various images of Nexus 6 leaked in recent weeks, we now have the opportunity to observe the next Google phone in a full render of the front, render the strong flavor of "official", especially as the source of the leak is his majesty (retired) : evleaks .

The design is truly one of the new Moto X including also the knurling on the power button, and double front speaker  that seem almost as large as those of Moto X, although fitted to a 6-inch (remember that in reality Moto X only the lower one is a speaker, although on the 2014 Moto G are both, we hope that Nexus 6 like looking like the latter). The profile, rather than metallic gray, it looks bluish, but it could very well be an effect of render not corresponding to the truth.

The background and the time "confirm" also the presence of Android 5.0, as the image draws heavily on a 5 and that the time is just 5:00. It must be said that in the past the default background was associated with the number of the phone (see Nexus Nexus 5 and 7) rather than the version of Android, but there is now little doubt about the nature of the Nexus 6 year .

New icons in the status bar, and new system icons , including that of the Play Store, Play Music, Movies and Maps (which can be seen), plus that of a mysterious messaging app, on the bottom left next to the dialer.

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