Nexus 6 will be released on Oct 15th, Says Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien , founder of MoDaCo forums and developer of undoubted fame, has posted some interesting tweets about the next Nexus 6 of Google and Motorola. The smartphone, he said, should be presented on October 15, but will not be immediately available on the market are more likely to Nexus 9 precedes him in this regard.

Regarding the price, O'Brien is not too optimistic: The sums of less than $450 , which are well $570, but warns not to expect it too cheap. In any case, we are far from the price range of $350 which roamed the latest Nexus.

Keep in mind that Nexus 5 cost $299 at launch in the UK and we have become $349, so with a hypothetical $449 we could get even $550, but perhaps we are making too many assumptions and may also remember that Nexus 6 from 32 GB storage, rather than 16 as the Nexus 5.

Also according to what we knew so far, Nexus 6 should not be presented together with Nexus 9 and Android L.

Luckily it's not long for October 15 to come, at least some of these assumptions will or not a confirmation, but now that the seed of doubt in the matter of price has been grafted unlikely to disappear.

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