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[Photo and Video] Motorola Nexus 6: First Impressions

 Google announced the new Nexus with a simple blog post, like last year, and they were only renders, not live images. So, The Verge is apparently able to put their hands ahead of time on waiting phablet of Motorola - Google, thus giving us the first real "first impressions" live.

Needless to emphasize, Nexus 6 is in all respects a 2014 Moto X larger, at least from the point of view of aesthetics. Metal corners and back polycarbonate makes it feel solid and sturdy, and although the curvature of the back makes it perhaps more often than it should in the center, this also helps to improve the grip, so the grip is better than with other models of this size.

Another strong point is the camera (13 megapixel, f / 2.0, OIS): at first glance is in fact much better than the previous Nexus 5, and although the judgment is still out on it, that's hope.
The article by The Verge is "in writing" for more than an hour if they were to be included other highlights will update our, but in the meantime we leave you with a short video and some interesting live photos of the Nexus 6 , hoping of being able to accomplish as much, personally, soon.

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