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Samsung Galaxy S5 Will get Android Lollipop in December

 One of the things that most concern at this time to all owners of a smartphone is to know when your particular model will be updated. Owners of a Motorola phone are calm, and quite possibly in November we can enjoy the new version of Android .
Others however are still unsure and when many of these phones were not exactly cheap. If you guys own a Galaxy S5, time to get happy because since SamMobile said the flagship Samsung Note- not counting the range could have Android 5.0 Lollipop during the month of December.
In this article we told rumors about a month ago, but according to SamMobile own, these new rumors come from a reliable source so it is almost one hundred percent in December likely to appear early S5 Lollipop running low.
If anyone wants to know how to run Android on a Galaxy S5 Lollipop few weeks ago there was a video which showed us a Galaxy S5 running Lollipop Preview. Anyway you have to keep in mind that the first Samsung Galaxy S5 should update will be free, also it will not be the same time in all regions and also those who have chosen a terminal telephone operator, update may occurs during 2015.
Still, it's good to know how brands are taking seriously the update many of its models to the latest version of Android.
Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S5? Would you like to get Lollipop Android 5.0 in December?

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