[TOUR] Google Play Music 5.6.1640 With a Full Material Design Makeover

Soon Google will be releasing the Official "Lollipop", No more previews etc. Also they will going to make their apps more beautiful, we are talking about full design overhauls of Gmail, Maps, Drive, and Google Play Music with Material Design. As you guys know there are tons of leaks in this Android World who are impatient and can't wait to get the app officially. That’s right, someone leaked a ROM from the Nexus 6, which included all of the refreshed Google apps, like Play Music.

What's New :

As you already saw the new Icon of this new Play Music, the entire app has changed with new Material Elements present in Android 5.0. Like Buttons floating, huge album, beautiful animations and of course statusbar which adapts the app color.

While we wouldn't necessarily recommend that you install this app, or any of the others we will try to show you throughout the day, just know that they are out there. We pulled them from this Nexus 4 ROM over at XDA. You may not want to install these, because the signatures of the .apk files are conflicting with currently installed versions of the same apps (“An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.”). That could mean that whoever leaked these needed to repackage the apps and re-sign them to protect their source, which would then mean that they may be less secure. Proceed with caution. Stay tuned! Source : Droid-Life

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