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[VIDEO] Android 5.0 Spotted on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Again

As you probably know, folks SamMobile had a hands on Android L ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5. Today, history repeats itself, but with a more updated ROM that shows us as part of the progress made ​​by Samsung in the meantime for their upcoming release.

The differences are actually very few, so do not get distracted by small talk and go immediately to list them:
  • New lock screen like on 4 notes
  • New font , similar to the original but a little 'thinner
  • New animations, more fluid,
  • Google search bar in recent apps screen
  • New slider to adjust the brightness in the notification bar, similar to that seen in the latest preview of Lollipop
  • Removed "breaks" on the audio settings
  • Gallery: new filters, including animals, events, scenery, documents, food, vehicles and flowers
  • Music: Improved UI
  • Watch: icons now have the caption
  • Calculator: removed the grills around numbers and symbols
  • Contacts: new search box
  • Colored bars in the stock app in Material Design
  • The green elements of Android Lollipop are replaced with blue Samsung
  • Settings: Improved UI and new colors for the icons
  • New interface for setting backgrounds
  • More space between the options in shutdown menu

The firmware unfortunately will not be published, but is not yet ready for everyday use, although progress since the previous build are remarkable. The latter (LRW58J) in fact dates back to the end of August, while the new one ( LRX02E ) is in early October. It should be noted, however, that the easter egg Lollipop shows lollipops, probably to prevent leaks on the name.
Glad  that its engineers are at work however, we leave you with photos and videos of the last firmware.

SOURCE SamMobile

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