[APK] Instagram for Android Update to 6.12, Brings 5 new filters and iOS8 Look

Instagram has rolled out a major update to the Android application from the app. Instagram 6.12.0 contains five new filters and a new management system   that filters can be managed.
Instagram 6.12.0 has been released and brings some new features and improvements along with it. First, there to find new filters in the application. The five new filters have the names Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. In December 2012 were added according to Instagram last new filters.
Besides new filters there is to discover another innovation. The order of the filters appear now joined. This way you will determine how fast you can select a particular filter order.Filters that you never use can hide well.
The view when taking a picture has changed in Instagram 6.12. The display in Instagram now has more of Apple iOS8   as we know that the iPad and iPhone. Especially the icons and display of the filters show this appearance. Last week, Instagram announced it with badges will come in the application. Instagram also recently released an update to the way of cropping a photo was altered .
6:12 Instagram is now being rolled out in the Google Play Store. If you're still not getting the update, you can download the APK of Instagram 6.12 .

Source : DroidApp.nl
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