[Update: Picture] Falcon Pro Will Come Alive with Material Design

Falcon Pro has long been one of the best alternative client to access Twitter from Android, thanks to better graphics and excellent functionality of the app official, however, it was a sad future of the app due to the limited token policy of the Twitter.

Update : The developer just posted a sneak peek shot on Twitter, here is the picture and below that is the official tweet :

Joaquin Vergès, the developer of this app, announced that he will rewrite the app from scratch, as Christmas project. Obviously aesthetics respect the material design and we are sure that if we put Joaquin commitment the result will be great.

We will have to see how that will be offered to users: the limit of 100,000 tokens remains and is not avoidable, as we have seen many times in the past, so we understand why Joaquin considers this only a Christmas project.

Source : joenrv [2]

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