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Google Now Gets Nest Thermostat Integration

We all know that Google recently bought Nest company to integrate Nest feature in Google Now from different devices. Now, the Nest Learning Thermostat is getting the integration treatment.
On Monday, December 15, Google updated the Google app, Google Now, to include Nest integration. With it, Google Now users can control their Nest Learning Thermostat with just the Now app, including voice controls. The first step to get it up and running takes giving Nest authorization with Google Now. Once that’s done, users can say, “OK, Google” and then add something like, “Set the temperature to 65 degrees.”
On top of that, the Nest is getting its own Google Now card from here on out, which will show you when Nest is getting your home ready for your arrival. That means it will start to warm or cool your house when you’re on your way home.
Do you own a Nest?