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[APK] Chrome Beta v41 Adds Pull-to-Refresh and Other Tweaks

Chrome Beta for Android has been updated as build 41.0.2272. The update is mostly minor, but does include a new feature that seems like something we could have used long ago which is pull-to-refresh at the “top of most pages.” 

That’s right, now when you are in a web page and want it to reload, you don’t have to go search for a refresh button. All you need to do now is pull from the top of the display downwards and you will refresh the page.
The other change we're seeing is in the settings UI, which is more material in v41 on KitKat devices. That's not a huge deal, but it's something. Google says there are also some bug fixes.

There's a new flag in Chrome Beta to scan credit cards to fill forms faster, but it doesn't appear to do anything when enabled right now.
To give it a try, grab the update from Google Play or sideload the APK below.