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[APK] Chrome for Android Updated to v40

Google recently updated Google Chrome for Android, the changes are minor and generally is a continuation of what we saw in the beta.
It is updated to version specifically 40.0.221491 , here besides correcting the series of classical security bugs have added a couple of new developments in relation to how the information is displayed. An old feature got revamped UI which is Bookmarks, it got a some few UI tweak which looks lot more neat and nice.

In addition to this we have a change in the way of visualizing the web, fixed bars now be mobile. Until now, if we did zoom, the bars were fixed and could not see the rest unless stepping back. Now in version 40 of Chrome are adapted.
Here we leave the link to the APK Play so that you have your update of the latest browser. 

You like to always have the latest version? Have you discovered anything new anymore?

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