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Archos Unveils Three Tablets with 4G and Dual-SIM

The French manufacturer Archos, specializing in the entry and mid-range, announced their addition of three new tablets in its list of products on its website. Three shelves of all sizes with 4G compatibility and dual SIM, all three feature corresponding components in the midrange.
The first of these is the Archos 70 Helium 4G, a tablet with a 7-inch IPS screen diagonals (1024 x 600), a Mediatek MT8732 processor four cores clocked at 1.5GHz coupled with 1GB of RAM a Mali 760 GPU for MP2, rear optical sensor with 2 megapixel flash and a front 0.2 megapixel sensor, 8GB of internal storage (with SD card slot) and a battery of 2500 mAh.
The second is the Archos 80b Helium 4G, this one has an IPS screen 8 inches diagonally (1280 x 800) and a battery of 3600 mAh . These are the only notable changes facing his little sister, the rest of the data sheet is identical. You decide whether you prefer to have an inch more or less an inch.
The third and last of these is the Archos 101 Helium 4G, the screen of this tablet is a 10.1-inch IPS (1280 x 800) and a battery of 6500 mAh. Then you say that the SoC or the GPU will have changed to better carry the 10.1 inch? Well no, the specifications are identical to its two frangines.
Archos does not cover the high end and should offer three tablets at a really good price, do not expect to have monsters powers if you decide you offer. For the price, we surely will know more at CES 2015 so Stay Tuned!
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