Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge Confirmed by Vodafone Netherlands

The next smartphone by Samsung called Samsung Galaxy S6 is approaching with great strides and we are all looking forward to the internally called "Project Zero" Android smartphone. It will bring many changes and apply the new flagship series from Samsung. The first providers are preparing already, we have seen Vodafone in the Netherlands has created a placeholder where we can find other important information on the Galaxy S6 soon. 
But it can be a mistake. However, the website is interesting, at least in the source code. There is an area commented out, is mentioned in the first time, the expected Galaxy S Edge, so to speak, an Edge smartphone like the Galaxy Note Edge only on the basis of the new S6.
You know what's coming, I tell you once again how excited I am to the new devices. Stay tuned for the more information about this device.
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