All About OxygenOS, Its official logo and ROM Screenshot

OnePlus, a startup that has given much to talk about the past 2014 despite its procurement policy - with its terminal named killer flagship offering great specifications at a reduced price. Today they wanted to introduce the team responsible for the development of OxygenOS -the concretely photo on cover.

Development team OxygenOS

  • Helen: ex software development engineer and program manager at Microsoft.
  • Aroon: creator of the ROM for the Nexus 7 called "cookies & cream" and assistant in Paranoid Android.
  • Arz: Paranoid Android chief designer and creator of some of the most popular topics on Google Play.
  • Carlo: years of experience as an engineer Android.
  • Hieu: software architect Paranoid Android.
  • Jesus independent developer and co-founder of Paranoid Android.
  • Karim: extensive experience in software development for Google.
  • Yamil: responsible OxygenOS recovery module.
  • And 50 engineers and testers more behind the project.

What is expected of OxygenOS?

Commit themselves to commercialize the ROM without any bloatware that soil the user experience and performance. They value the battery and system efficiency, so seek out a perfect job, lightweight and absence of anything. This is reflected by the new logo OxygenOS :

When will it be available?

Several tests and certifications must be completed before launching the public a ROM based on Android 5.0 Lollipop further optimization that apply will take time, but will be a flawless work valued users , as you say, we are in the testing phase patience!
Finally, they have released official screen capture running OxygenOS a OnePlus One , which confirms the Android version 1.0.0 and 5.0.2 BETA Lollipop output, upgradeable perhaps by release date.
In short, they aim to create one ROM very stable, no bloatware and great battery management, we hope they create a masterpiece for the android world.
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