[Android 5.1 Feature] Customize Dialer Colors For Each SIM In Dual-SIM Phones

 Android 5.1 continues to delight us with futuristic features and after seeing  the animation of the toggle and clock , today we learn of a new graphic retouching involving models dual SIM, or in particular those Android One devices on which the latest version of Lollipop is now exclusive.
It is in fact possible to assign a color to the dialer depending on the SIM that we are using, so as not to inadvertently confuse between one and the other. As you can see from the gallery below, the color options are numerous.


There was no native support for dual-SIM features in Android 4.4, so any previous implementations were the doing of OEMs. Android 5.0 has some dual-SIM goodies, but it doesn't look like the themes are included. On 5.1, you can access the color options in the SIM card menu of the main system settings.
We won't know for sure if this is a stock Android 5.1 feature or something exclusive to Android One until 5.1 is in AOSP and we see it installed on dual-SIM phones that aren't part of the One program. For most phones, this feature probably won't be exposed anyway.

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