Android M Will Focus On Better Battery Life & Less RAM Usage, Dev Preview Expected Before Launch

Google I/O is near and information has been flooding our news desks about what features Android M may bring to the table. Keeping that momentum going today is a report from Android Police detailing a few things, mainly the timeframe of the release launch and what the release will be focusing on doing this year.

According to the site’s sources, Google has plans to release a developer preview of Android M, just as with Android L last year; this would likely happen immediately or soon after the end of the I/O keynote. The final release will allegedly occur in August, though this is one date that remains fluid – it’s tough to pinpoint dates for launching software.

Android M is supposedly going to be focusing on resource usage, mainly RAM and battery. Google will likely be emphasizing the new features in Android M which will allow phones to go further on a charge, and with less available RAM.
We’ll be learning more about Android M – or, at least, we’re pretty sure we will be – at the Google I/O opening keynote on the May 28th.
Source: Android Police

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