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[I/O 2015] Android M Brings Major Battery Improvements Via 'Doze Mode' By As Much As 100%

With Android M — the latest version of Android — Google has made major improvements to power and sync features of the OS to improve battery life.
In Android M, Google detects the activity of the user to refresh apps and other services in the background. Thus, if the device is inactive and lying on a desk for a long time, the OS will not refresh apps or other services. It will only do so when the OS detects frequent device movements.
While this will delay apps in refreshing the content, Google claims that this has led to 2x standby time improvement on the Nexus 9 running Android M vs. the same tablet running Lollipop.
In addition, the update also adds USB-C support to the OS. This will allow users in the future to select what to do when they connect a USB-C type cable to their handset. The options include charging, being able to charge other devices, MiDi, file transfers and more.

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