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Motorola Is Soak Testing Android 5.1 For The 1st Gen Moto E

Few days back Motorola posted the Android 5.1 changelog for their various devices. A week later, we saw over-the-air updates go out. What about the older Moto E released a year before? As it turns out, Motorola isn't leaving the phone behind. The company is currently soak testing Android 5.1 on the device is India.

Motorola has posted a changelog aimed at Indian users. A reader posted these screens of the update coming to his Moto E on Tata Docomo.
At 209.5MB, this update is even smaller than the 250MB one that 2nd gen owners received. It updates the software to version 23.21.15. If all goes well, hopefully an OTA will roll out globally to all the device owners.

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