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[APK] Google Keyboard Updated To v4.1 Brings Personal Dictionary Sync, And More

Google has updated Google Keyboard to v4.1 today that brings with it some new usability enhancing features, including the option to sync user dictionary across devices. The option to sync the dictionary across devices needs to be manually activated though, and at the moment, the service is not available for users with Google Apps account.Here is the official change log : 

  • Personal dictionary sync
  • Phrase input removed from gesture typing
  • Usage stats opt-out moved to Accounts and Privacy
  • Access emoji from physical keyboard
  • Text correction now just on or off (no aggressiveness level)

For Android users who use a physical keyboard with their device, Google has added an option to show the emoji keyboard by pressing the Alt key on the keyboard. The company has also removed a few features with this update though, which includes the ability to insert phrases through gesture typing and the option to set the auto correction aggressiveness level.

The update is being rolled out in stages through the Google Play Store, but users can always sideload the update by downloading the APK from here.