[Rumor] The Next Moto X Phone Could be Codenamed ‘Calisto’

Chances are that the next flagship phone released by Motorola later this year will be called the Moto X. Everything about the device has been unknown, but we may now know its codename. Last month, Indian import/export site Zauba appeared to have come in contact with a Motorola device codenamed ‘Calisto’. It was flown out of Canada and into India.
There was not any information attached to Calisto except for a price converting to about $464, an amount that only makes sense for the next Moto X. 
Motorola’s two other phones, the Moto G and Moto E, cost far less than that. The latter also saw its latest version hit the market just a few months ago. So it looks like the next Moto X is indeed Calisto.

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