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Android M's Third Developer Preview Slightly Delayed

The third Developer Preview of Android M is delayed and comes at a later time off. Earlier, Google reported that the another software update would come in July. But got delayed and announced today that why it is delayed.
The delay was announced by Google employee +Wojtek Kaliciński, who published a statement on Google+. 

"A quick update on M Developer Preview 3.
We want this to be a near final release to test your apps on, but we need a little more time to get it out to you.
Please be patient and refrain from posting speculations about the release date in the community. We will announce the Preview 3 availability here and on Android Developers as soon as it's ready.

The release date is still unknown, but is likely to follow in August.
The official release of Android M is planned for the third quarter of this year - July, August or September. As the third preview is delayed, it is likely that the official release also what is moved. Possibly this at the end of September, when the name of the new Android version will be published. The release of the official version is usually accompanied by the unveiling of the new name.

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