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Falcon Pro Developer Vergès Joins Twitter

In years past, third-party apps used to access Twitter were a hotbed of development with all sorts of perspectives on what the user experience should be like. The developers also tended to produce lots innovative features being requested by users, frequently at a much faster clip than what Twitter was capable of doing. Eventually Twitter started to take steps to put an end to this, much to the chagrin of the developers of these independent apps. Now, one of those developers, Joaquim Vergès, who developed the hugely popular Falcon Pro app has officially joined the Twitter development team.
Vergès was frequently in the crosshairs of Twitter when they were actively taking steps to start limiting access to the information and posts being generated by their users. At one point his Falcon Pro app even used a hidden mode to register a non-existent app to help Falcon Pro users get around limitations put in place by Twitter.
Vergès indicates in some tweets that he plans to continue development of Falcon Pro as a private side project to get around any corporate limitations and “slowness” that come with employment at Twitter. This will give him a method to experiment on the Twitter interface. Vergès also says part of his justification for moving to the official Twitter team was frustration over the limitations Twitter has in place on what third-party developers can do with the platform.