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Google Teases Android M Dessert in New Video

When Google introduced Android L which was Android Lollipop, they teased it first because there were many speculation among people what will Android L be called. And Today Google did that again with Android M. Earlier in 2015, the company chose to withhold the dessert title at the time. Of course, that got people guessing even harder just what Android M would be called.

There have been plenty of guesses, but up until this point Google has been tight-lipped about what their next iteration of Android would actually be called. Now, though, the official Android Twitter account has published a quick music video, which is entirely focused on ramping up the Android M hype train. 

The video lasts just over a minute, and while it doesn’t necessarily give any outright hints at what Android M will be called, Google isn’t afraid to drop some ideas, at least.
But at the end of the video there is one man who is making the next Android statue which looks like it will be the Android M's statue, you can see it below and the video too :

Google’s own suggestions include Milkshake, Malt Ball, M&M, Moon Pie, and Mocha. Considering Google has used a name brand dessert in the past (KitKat), M&M doesn’t seem as ridiculous as some might suggest.
You can see the video . Which dessert do you hope Android picks up this time around?
Source : @Android