[Update] Leaked Photos Of Huawei's 'Angler' 5.7-Inch Nexus Phone

Google's Nexus family is due for an upgrade with not one, but two new phones: a regular sized smartphone allegedly made by LG, and a larger screen-phone, a phablet made by Huawei, and it seems that the first legitimate real-life images of the Huawei Nexus phone have leaked out. The phone is rumored to feature a 5.7-inch display, run on the Snapdragon 810 system chip and sport a 3500mAh battery.

The Huawei Nexus images surfaced on Google Plus, courtesy of user Tiesen Fu, who claims he got the pictures from a friend, and while we can't say much about the source, the images do seem very realistic. 

The images portray a phone carrying both the Huawei and Nexus logos and two of the three key signature features of the new Nexus family: dual front-firing speakers and a fingerprint scanner on the back. The third one is allegedly a USB Type C port. This trifecta of new features for both new Nexus phones were first mentioned by @onleaks, who has an admirable track record with rumors.

Judging by the chamfered edges around the fingerprint scanner on the back of this Huawei Nexus, we're dealing with a metal construction. Let's remind you that we've previously seen the exact dimensions for this phone leak out:

  • 5.7” Huawei Nexus dimensions: 159.4 x 78.3 x 6.6/8.5mm

The variability in thickness is allegedly to show that the upper section containing the camera module is thicker, while the rest of the phone is said to be extremely thin. Take a look at the pictures right below, and let us know your thoughts: do you like what you see here?

Update : Twitter has the famous delicious Onleaks new photos released of the suspected new Huawei Nexus. In it, the rumors of the appearance of the new Huawei Nexus will be further strengthened. The new pictures of the nice one case conceals the precise design of the device.The two new Nexus smartphones will not be long in more coming. Presumably, the devices will be announced at the end of the autumn of this year. 

Source: Tiesen Fu
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