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[APK] Google Clock Updated to v4.2, Adds Gradual Alarm Volume, Separate Timer Alarms, And More

The official Clock app from Google, which has been basically made into the Timely app after Google acquired it, received a major update today that brings even more Timely-like features for all Android users. 
 Left : New / Right : Old

Included in the update, users can gradually increase volume for alarms and timers, which allows folks to wake up a bit more gradually, instead of a loud BEEP BEEP waking you up. This same feature has been available for Timely, and it’s wonderful.

 Other additions include the customization of your favorite timer ringtone, control timers from a notification, easier alarm and timer management on Android Wear devices, plus interactive alarm notifications on Android Wear smartwatches.
Check out the changelog, then go grab the update.
What’s New:
  • Gradually increasing volume for alarms and timers
  • Choose your favorite timer ringtone
  • Preemptively dismiss alarms within the Clock app
  • Control timers from a notification
  • Easier alarm and timer management on Android Wear
  • Interactive alarm notifications on Android Wear
You can either sideload this update via APK or you can go to Play Store and update from there :