Google Gets A New Logo With A Flatter Design And A Sans-Serif Typeface

Google announced that it has a new logo. Today Google is continuing that tradition with its latest logo, though it has hit a new extreme. Letters are now completely flat. The front has gone sans-serif. It's simple and easier to picture on a gadget than in print. According to Fast Company, the new font is Google's own creation, called "Product Sans." We first got a glimpse of it in the Alphabet logo.
The last time Google updated its logo was in 2013, when it dropped the shadowing for a flatter look. This sans-serif design is the biggest visual refresh in the company's 16-year history.

The Google Design Blog shows that not only is there a new primary logo but the redesign also adds a few new elements to Google's branding arsenal. There's a set of four colored dots, which seem to serve as the company's official "loading" spinner. There's also a multicolored "G" which will serve as a compact logo.
 The microphone that appears when you use your voice to interact with Google now comes in four colors as well.
Between this and the "Alphabet" restructuring, Google looks very different from a month ago.
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