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Is this the New Nexus 5 in White or Mint?

According to Korean site underKG, the pictures below are of the new Nexus 5, which people keep oddly referring to as the Nexus 5X, but will probably just be called Nexus 5 (2015). Whatever. It’s a name. And these are supposed pictures of it. 
The pictures are said to feature the front and back of the phone, yet reveal almost nothing about it. The back is “mint” according to sources, though, it just looks white to me. Hey, mint is cool, I guess. The back is also conveniently covered at all of the spots that would reveal actual information about the phone, of course (camera, fingerprint sensor, etc.).  The front, well, is a black slab with no markings and a giant chin bezel. Oh, the top left also appears to be a front camera or flash.

 Sources of underKG are suggesting that this phone will arrive at a still-yet-to-be-confirmed September 29 event in San Francisco, where Google is thought to unveil two new Nexus phones.
Source:  underkg

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