[APK] Chrome Beta 47 Adds Splash Screens, Snackbar When Downloads Are Complete, And More

Google releases Chrome Beta 47 for all users with a changelog posted to the Chromium blog not far behind it. The update introduces splash screens, better desktop notification management support, and a bunch of security fixes.

There is also Splash screens, that can be added by web developers, so that if a shortcut to a web page has been added to a home screen, tapping on it will load a quick colorful animation, with icon, while the web page is loading in the background. It’s a nifty feature that betters the overall polish of a shortcut, but in reality, it’s giving you something fun to look at while things load in the background. 

The Chrome team has given developers the power to set timers to notifications that arrive via their web pages, so that they will automatically dismiss themselves. Many notifications are time sensitive and so it makes sense that they are not left hanging for hours after becoming irrelevant.
What's New:

The update is live now click the Play link below or if you want it as APK you can grab it from below as well :
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