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[APK] Google Drive Updated With Sharing Notifications, Access Requests And Previews

Google released a new update for their Google Drive app with new three features for those who use the service daily on mobile devices. Starting today, users will have easier access to granting and gaining access to restricted files, the ability to preview files without a Google account on an Android device, and rich notifications when files are shared with you.
As of now, pre-update, sharing restricted files can be somewhat of a pain. You have to enter in the person’s email, have them accept, then you have to manage the permissions they have. But with the update, the Drive app lets recipients request access with a single tap, and file owners will be notified of the request instantly on the mobile device.
On the notification side of things, after the update, you will receive mobile notifications to alert you immediately when files or folders are shared with you and a single tap can take you right to them. Lastly, anyone can now preview documents, even if they do not have a Google account, as long as they are on an Android device.
The update is rolling out to Google Play Store now and if you're impatient and want to sideload it via APK you can hit the APKMirror link below :