Google Rolling Out A New Google+ With Revamped UI With Focus on Communities and Collections

Google recently announced that they are going to release a new version of Google+ that is ready. Over the past couple of months, Google realized from the feedback of the users that a big part of the social platform’s growth was in Communities and Collections, and so that’s where the latest redesign takes its focus. Also Google said that the previous Google+ homepage was 22MB. The new version is 327KB. That's amazing.

With Communities, you have access to discuss topics with same interest people. With Collections, you have a way to bundle together the posts you like by topic, to help you stay organized and on top of your favorite things. 

In this new G+, you’ll see in image above and GIF at the starting of the article, that just below the top “Home” tab, there are easy-to-reach shortcuts for Collections and Communities. 

Google also said that this new Google+ has been better optimized for mobile, should let you post, search, and connect easier, while keeping up with content.

For some users there is a “Let’s go” button at the top that will let you make the switch. Google did say that not all of the old Google+ features will move over to the new version, so if you want to switch back to the classic, you can do that.

If you are wondering that when this new version will git the mobile they said it will arrive “in the coming days" for the Android and iOS.

And if you want to try out the new Google+ now by going to Settings > Manage other apps & activity > Manage Google+ activity and clicking in the search bar at the top of the screen. Yes, it does kind of feel like activating a cheat code, but note that at the moment, the UI reverts back if you refresh the page.

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Source : Droid-Life
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