Inbox by Gmail's New “Smart Reply” Feature Helps You Respond to Emails Faster

Google is an giant information search engine which gives them lots of advantages and they are best at machine learning algorithms, with their each app updates we’re beginning to see the benefits of Google’s machine learning algorithms and engines as it pertains to consumer-facing products. The latest of their efforts comes to Inbox by Gmail in the form of smart replies.

In short, Inbox will smartly determine whether an email needs a response, and will automatically suggest up to 3 lines of text to choose from. If you choose one, the text will be inserted into a compose box where you can either add to it, or simply send it without any alterations.

Smart Reply is said to learn from your habits over time, too, so the more you use it the more it’ll know how you like to respond to each type of email.

It sounds simple — almost too simple, really — but that’s Google’s goal in all this. They’re doing the heavy lifting on their end to give us the ultimate in convenience, simplicity and sheer coolness on the surface. If you haven’t already migrated from Gmail over to Inbox then perhaps this is the perfect feature that can entice you to try it out. Google says the feature will begin rolling out to Inbox this week.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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