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[Rumor] Google Is Going To Help Samsung In Optimizing TouchWiz

If we look at the Android OEM's, Samsung is the biggest player around there and it is very amusing that Samsung made major changed this year in optimizing TouchWiz, its proprietary user interface seen on all of its Android smartphones and tablets. But has it done enough? Not exactly, with the biggest example of the fact that there is work to be done being the RAM management issues that continue to plague even the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, despite both phones featuring 4GB of RAM.

There is room for further improvement, and if the hottest new rumor is to be believed, Samsung could be aided by no other than Google itself in the task of optimizing TouchWiz even more. The rumor mill has it that Google will help Samsung on a under-the-hood level, which will be beneficial not only to Sammy's userbase, but to Android's public image as well. A"win-win" situation for both tech giants.

The reason behind this alleged collaboration seems to be rather clear: TouchWiz UI is by far the most popular variation of Android worldwide and can be found on many an Android device worldwide, which means that the Average Joe and Plain Jane associate Android with Samsung's TouchWiz skin. Thus, having a better-performing and optimized TouchWiz will be help Android get an even better image, in theory at least.

As a reminder, in early 2014, both reached an agreement that would "lead to deeper collaboration on research and development of current and future projects" and the demise of Samsung's Magazine UX in order to promote Google's Play services. 

In an ideal world, we will be treated to a TouchWiz firmware that combines the snappy performance of stock Android and the signature bells and whistles of TouchWiz itself. Only time will tell if the latter would become reality. 
Source: Samsungviet

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