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Tip : Nexus 6P Frost (White) Is Now Available on Google Store

It feels like forever since Frost (white) versions of the Nexus 6P were available on the Google Store. Also known as “Storm Trooper” white, we were performing our usual daily check to see if maybe additional stock had finally arrived and there it was. The Nexus 6P 64GB in Frost white staring us dead in the face.

While silver and black versions of phone have come and gone, the white models sold out during their initial run and haven’t been back since. Well, not the 64GB model anyway (the 128GB has been there for a few weeks now but sounds a little excessive). Since they don’t actually make the Frost white available in 32GB, this is about as low as you can get if you had your heart set on Frost white.

Follow the Play Store link down below to get one for yourself. The phone ships in 1-2 days.
Buy on the Google Store: Nexus 6P