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[APK] Google App Updated Adds Quick Screen Sharing Feature to Now on Tap

If you use an Android device and you want to take a screenshot of your screen then share it with your friend. This whole process includes bunch of button pressing like Power + Volume down and sometimes you miss it and it becomes frustrating. Today, an update to the Google app (might be the beta as v5.7.13.19) which adds a new feature to Now on Tap that will make this all easier. 

In this update you can see a new share button when Now on Tap is activated, in the bottom left corner, that takes screenshots and then lets you quickly share them for some it is not a big deal because they are bound to that button things but for some it is very easy. From any screen, even if Now on Tap doesn’t find anything, you can hit the share button and send your screen, sans status and navigation bars. It also doesn’t save the image to your phone, and uses up your space unnecessarily.  Could also be a server side switch, for those not seeing it

If you want to update to the latest version of the Google App to get it (or join the beta program). Of course, you’ll need to be on Marshmallow too. 

Play Link | Download Link (apk, arm64)