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[APK] Instagram Update Brings “Long Press” Peek Feature to Android

Instagram Update Android
Instagram has developed a clever workaround to the lack of pressure-sensitive screens on Android in their beta app. The newest update ports over a nearly identical feature from the iOS app’s use of 3D Touch. When you long press a thumbnail image (you’ll see this layout when searching or viewing someone’s profile) a nearly full-size expansion of the photo will appear.

Apple’s 3D Touch has already gained significant developer support, with many apps using the “peek and pop” feature for quick previews. While Huawei was technically first to bring a Force touch feature to market, it’s the ubiquity of the iPhone that made made pressure-sensitive displays the next arena that developers will be able to explore.

This current feature is only available in the beta application and it can be removed in the official update.
If you want to try it for yourself and see what happens, look for the update in the Play Store or grab the latest version from APK Mirror. We’ll let you know if there is some type of wider rollout announced.

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