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[APK] WhatsApp Adds Lots Of New Emojis In The New Update

WhatsApp has released a new beta version for Android. It is WhatsApp v2.12.373 in which we encounter a large number of new emoticons. The update was released last night and the new emojis are also available in version 2.12.372. A few weeks ago got WhatsApp Web all the new emojis and also Telegram received more emoticons.
One of the new emoji is the nerd-emoji but there is much more. So you can now send a thoughtful or a sad one, waving, sticking his tongue money, and many others. Other emojis the unicorn, taco, hot-dog, the cherry, a wrap and many new flags and etc.

WhatsApp 2.12.373 has not been released in the Google Play Store. But you can sideload it via APK from below :

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