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Google Introduces Interactive In-App Ads Look to Test Out An App Without Installing

 Google has introduced a new way for users to test out apps that pop up in search results without actually having to take the time to install and run the application. Roughly 25% of app installations never actually get touched (I’m guilty of that myself) so Google is looking into new ways to try and get users engaged with the application before it ever hits their phone.

The new ads are currently in a trial and are only available for games, but they allow a user to test out an app for up to 60 seconds before being prompted to actually install the game. This way, if they enjoy the game they’ll be more likely to play it after it has been downloaded, but they won’t be bothered to waste space on a game that they won’t engage with after that point. It’s a win-win for developers and users.

Google is also offering a beta for Interactive Interstitial ads that let developers use HTML5 for mobile advertisements, instead of standard templates. These ads are infinitely more flexible and show allow developers to get a little more creative with how information and data is presented to viewers, and that doesn’t even touch on the optimization side of things.

These new advertising experiments redesign the experience for mobile users, instead of trying to force desktop ad experiences to work on a smartphone or tablet. It’s a smart move on Google’s part and should hopefully create a more pleasant experience for anyone that frequently browses websites on a mobile device.

Source: Google AdWords