New Emoji, Keyboard, and Font Coming to Nexus Devices Next Week

Recently Android lead Hiroshi Lockheimer has revealed that Unicode’s new set of emoji will finally debut on Nexus devices starting next week. He also revealed that Google was able to share the fonts and tech details with OEMs, giving them the ability to include in future Android updates as well.

It's been more than a month that Apple added new emoji from Unicode 8.0 to their line of devices running the latest versions of iOS and OSX, leaving Android devices — still on Unicode 6.0 — in the dust. But after outcry from Android enthusiasts, Lockheimer took to Twitter promising an emoji update was, in fact, coming and to sit tight.
For those that need a refresher, Unicode 7.0 was the diversity themed update that allowed users to choose the color of specific human emoji, while Unicode 8.0 (the latest release), introduced new emotions like the middle finger, animals like the unicorn, and food items like the taco. I guess you can say it was a pretty big deal.

Just keep in mind that most OEMs like HTC and Samsung all theme up emojis with their own designs, so who knows how long it’ll be before you see these new ones pop up on those devices. In the meantime, you’ll just have to stare at blank boxes like this 🌭 and wonder what it is your friends are talking about. Unless, of course, you own a Nexus device.
Source : Twitter
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