Pushbullet Updated With Picture Messages (MMS) From Desktop and Improved SMS

Another day, another amazing Pushbullet update. The company is doing all it can to earn your dollars for Pushbullet Pro with this update: you can now send picture messages from your PC. This follows recently added functionality for responding to group messages. The feature requires you to be on Android 5.0 or higher.

Pushbullet says one of their big goals was to make the app the best PC texting solution around, and if they didn’t already earn that distinction with previous updates then they’ve taken it by force with this one.

That said, being the best texting app isn’t only about flashy features either, and Pushbullet says they’ve worked hard to improve the reliability of sending and receiving messages, including queuing up messages to automatically send in the event that your phone loses connection. Updates for the Windows app, Chrome extension and Android app are rolling out right now, so be sure to check for them if this is something you’ve been waiting for.
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